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Onyx siri Technologies is founded on July 17th 2019 by Ms Shirisha a women entrepreneur who is basically from medical background. She hailing from Hyderabad, Telangana had done research on the technology available in India and accross global to understand renewable energy sources. Today she is associated with world class manufacturers and global distributors to serve Indian requirement with almost accredited panles and inverters of Ongrid, off-grid and Hybrid systems with much advanced energy storage solutions. This initiation and culture of protecting earth will bring a consciousness to an individual that there is no heaven or hell somewhere else, our planet the earth comprise both. The only thing which make sense to us is how the way we embrace it.

Miss Shrisha Polu Founder of Onyx Siri

Onyx Siri Solar brings and would like to cater the solar requirements through its phenomenal collections of Panels and Inverters which comprises 54% of the total project cost. These panels and inverters are the life good aspects of the system to make it viable and reliable for about 30 years. When you have onyx Siri solar in India, why do you pay more money on panels and inverters other than market price? We understand how much pain you take to get an order, fight for right policies, cut down your margins to compete in the price sensitive market, sometimes wind up the firms due to lack of projects. Despite the less price offered to you from the tenders you lose the margins, why not the manufacturer and suppliers cut down their margins? Enquire with Onyx siri solar, best price guaranteed. Onyx Siri solar is a national distributor who wants to participate in the partnership of Indian Vision and mission to achieve the renewable energy target of 170GW and ensure the earth carbon free. The whole world realised the importance of renewable energy as it is need of the hour to protect themselves from many hazardous environmental disasters and also to leave a healthy life to next generation.

Today few corporate distributors and resellers have adapted a methodology like creating artifical demand regarding solar material stocks availability which eventually creates a black market. Price Syndicate among themselves to maintain a premium price than actual rate in market, promising heavenly services and suddenly revising the purchase order prices with non thearitical and illogical reasons just to squeeze money from customer pockets which leads to exploitation with their filthy business strategies.

To add value to your ambition and money, Onyx Siri brings the world’s best solar products to your project sites partnering with the globel solar manufacturer CETC which is 100% owned by China central govt which has been for 58 years in industry extending their service to military projects.

Onyx Siri Solar will support you with Quality materials, feasible prices that which won’t make you to loose the genuine orders. This inturn will increase your business revenue, will add value to your end client and will give a mouth publicity in the market regarding your Integrity.

Onyx Siri and CETC is reaching all over parts of the world to introduce latest updated best Technologies to the solar industry along with energy storage solutions which are off course the immediate requirement for the industries which are under transition from conventional energy to green energy. We developed fast and furious logistics system to reach any corner of the world within the stipulated time bound. We maintain ready stocks to serve all varieties of solar requirements at any point of time from residential to utility scale needs. We have strong service footprints all over the world to take care post sale needs.

Today the whole world mainly industries are transitioning themselves adapting new technologies besides eco friendly policy adaptions. To drive this mission of making Indian a carbon free country, besides government policies, system integrators and manufacturers have made a lot of contribution with relentless efforts to bring awareness among the people making them enable to forecast the necessity. The states and DISCOMS have bought relevant solar policies to drive the consumers to become prosumers.

System integrators or Epc players does a lot of ground work and spent huge money in bringing awareness to public and ensure that their role and responsibilities are delivered effectively by commissioning the solar plants.

Out of the project value, 54% will be spent towards solar panels and inverters which are the most important source of power generation. Recently due to decline in benchmark price announced, most of the EPC and system integrators have lost their chance of survival with the costings sprouced up! But today making decent margins out of it has become so tough due to huge competition from the service providers who mostly ignore the quality material supplied to end users at low cost leaving the standards and reliability. The low bench mark prices and also with the poor quality material available in the market which put aside the interest of solar systems and attracts the attention of the end user to claim the poor quality with cheaper price ignoring the 30years life span of the project. Increased labour cost and maintenance charges also a toothing problem which curbs the margins. This lead to survival problem and also crushes the entity to shut down. The whole world had witnessed this unusual shutdown begining with previous companies to recent ABB who stated that they can’t do business with existing thin margins.

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Why Us

System integrators, EPC contractors and Onyx Siri with CETC together March ahead towards the objective of vision and mission of India through inclusiveness. Integrity and inclusiveness is our Quality and our core value driven force.

already its own footprints on the globe in almost 70 countries.
CETC has 1GW cell manufacturing unit with world class infrastructure based in
Andhra Pradesh.

Onyx Siri associated with CETC introduce world class products like


Polycrystalline , Monocrystalline and perc Technology modules with half cut cells
Available from 320wp to 385wp.


Goodwe, Solis , ABB, Fronius & Solar Edge.
(Product data sheets, certification material)